Exploring Your New Sloan Lake Neighborhood

denver neighborhood


denver lifestyleSo now that we have discovered the lavish lifestyle you will be living, let’s discuss the actual neighborhood. What schools they have and what is the overall vibe of the community of people who will be your future neighbors. Even if you were to find the perfect condo, you would want to make sure you are going to fit in. Are you hip, eclectic, or historic? Do you prefer a private or public school? If public, then what is your rating requirement? Are you thinking long term? Are you thinking about resale?


The schools are alphabetically rated and the school zones in this area are rated a B. They have great Schools on every level Elementary, middle and high school are rated B. This is a really good school zone.


So what is there to do out there besides stare into the picturesque sunset from your outdoor living space while sipping your tea? There is an entire national state park out there called Sloan Lake Park. It is actually the second biggest park in Denver and there is everything to do out there under the sun, literally. From hiking to boating to swimming, this park has got you covered. Or maybe you would like to take a walk through the scenic trails that lead to the lake for a fun and relaxing day full of fishing. Take a jog on the sidewalks that surround the lakes and feel the tension leave your body as you exhale the fresh mountain air. There is nothing like a diverse place full of natural beauty waiting for you to explore.


denver housesYou will enjoy one of 2 buildings in the Sloan Lake Denver Townhome that you choose.
Building one has two unit types.

The first unit will allow you to enjoy 1166 square feet of luxury living. This unit has 2 bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. There are three patios per unit and you will be able to sunbathe on your rooftop deck that overlooks the majestic mountains. On your rooftop deck, you will enjoy 500 square feet of additional outdoor living space. This unit also comes with a 1 car garage plus one additional assigned parking space.

The second unit in this building has 2 bedrooms as well, but it is bigger with 1282 feet of indoor living space. It also comes with the same patio and rooftop decks that the first unit does. This unit also comes with two and a half bathrooms, one being in the master. And this unit comes with a two-car garage instead of the one car garage.
Building 2 is where the larger units are.

This building also provides a choice of two layouts. The first layout, unit one, has a whopping 1972 square feet of indoor living space. Three bedrooms come with this layout and a den ( or fourth bedroom ). This unit also comes with an additional bathroom totaling three and a half – unlike the first building that only came with two and a half bathrooms. There are five patios and the rook top deck is a humungous 800 square feet of additional outdoor living space. There is also a luxurious and spacious three-car garage. This is an extremely large unit and you will love all the indoor and outdoor living space that it comes with. You will also be delighted at all the spectacular views you will be surrounded by. Nature doesn’t stop flowing in this condo in Denver!