Most Popular Home Styles in Denver

denver architecture
Denver’s style of architecture has beautifully evolved over the last century. Bungalow, Tudor, and apartments are all great home style options. However, lakeside and row homes have become the most popular luxury home choice of Denver’s new residents. Lakeside homes provide a gorgeous view of Colorado’s natural beauty, while row homes offer a more modern and city-based lifestyle. Both home styles are built for class, style, and sophistication.

Row Homes – A Contemporary and Classy Choice

Row homes offer a fantastic variety for new families, singles, or couples. They feature upscale style combined with affordability. However, they can range a bit in price. The Denver area has plenty of options for new residents looking for row homes.

Style and Functionality

denver housesThis classy, yet edgy home style comes in several forms. They’re built with a classic uniform architectural style as the name suggests, with clean and sharp lines. However, each one offers its own unique ambiance and functionality. This ancient building style has origins that date all the way back to the 1600s. Since then, several forms and styles of row houses have emerged. They’re most popular in urban areas just like Denver. Therefore, some people refer to them as townhouses. They can be styled with a sleek, modern, and edgy appeal, or designed with family and function in mind.

Finding Row Homes for Your Budget in Denver

Denver has about a dozen areas where new residents can purchase a row home. Their prices usually range between one hundred thousand and six hundred thousand dollars. Many are in wonderfully safe neighborhoods and would be perfect for raising a family. Others range higher on the price scale. They would work well for an individual or couple. On the other hand, your new home is an important choice only you can make. Additionally, there are several lakefront row homes in Denver.

Lakeside Properties – Stunning Views in Fashion

denver lake houseEverybody dreams of owning a waterfront home. Who wouldn’t love waking up to the sounds of the birds, water, and trees? Lakeside properties around Denver are highly desired and sell quickly. So, if you want to make your dream come true move fast! These homes can come in a variety of architectural styles and prices, with different sized lots as well.

Price Ranges and Architecture

Penthouses, row homes, and condos are some of the modern styles of lake houses available in Denver. They offer plenty of natural beauty and beautiful edges. They feel Feng-Shui with incorporated elements of water, wood, metal, and greenery. Their price range usually begins at around five hundred thousand dollars. Consequently, the peace and well-being you’ll feel at your new lake home will compensate for the price.

Lake Homes in Denver

lake house denverYou’ll find several lake homes to pick from in Denver Colorado. The Lakehouse area is stunningly peaceful. It will easily become your own urban oasis. These gorgeous homes are quiet and located right on the edge of Sloan’s Lake in Denver. However, it’s still just a quick commute to the lively downtown area. Most of this Sloan Lake neighborhood is newly-developed by international architects. These homes offer convenience, beauty, and peace of mind. They’re a great fit for individuals, couples, and families alike.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Denver, check out these amazing styles! They are extremely versatile and stylish with options for every home buyer. Denver is a magical, diverse, and creative city. It’s family-friendly and has so much to offer its residents. The neighborhoods mentioned above are a safe option for everyone. They’re located close to acclaimed four-star school districts both public and private.

The city is alive with entertainment and peppered with fun activity options for any personality. High-class restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques line the streets. Outdoor activities are plentiful with Red Rocks and thunderous mountain hikes just minutes away from the metropolitan area. Denver has an amazing story and is the perfect place to create your own.